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Presentation to Mayo Clinic Emergency Management Coalition 2016

Moderating Peacemaking Conference

Speaking to NTEMC Convention

TPA2 PIO 2015 Class for Intertribal Council of California: Tribal Leaders


  • Analyze your market and audience
  • Provide tools to understanding your audience
  • Define your message
  • Train your staff
  • Help to define your command structure

Evaluation of your market...

  • Who are you trying to reach and why?
  • How do you best communicate with them?

​Understanding of your audience...

  • What motivates them?
  • How can this guide your work with them?

Definition of your message...

  • TPA2 helps refine your message
  • We make sure the potential customer can understand what you are saying.

Training of your staff (and leaders!)...

  • Training for your staff on effectively communicating your message to other groups
  • Helping leadership understand the:
    • ​Need for effective communication
    • The need for trained staff team members to deliver the message

The Talking Stick, the Talking Feather and the Medicine Wheel are all inspirations for TPA2 to help our governments and enterprises become more effective in communicating. Without effectively telling your message or story, others cannot learn by hearing it.

Talking to the President...

With new leadership, new communication paradigms are needed...


With the election of a new President, one of the questions, not just for Indian Country, is just how do we talk to a businessman instead of a politician? See our thoughts in the Article section

Public Affairs Class Final exam, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.(TPA2 Business License #0973)